Ruth Limkin is a highly regarded executive, accomplished company director, and captivating presenter. With a diverse background spanning private equity, finance, government, not-for-profit, and media, Ruth brings a wealth of experience and expertise. 

Her exceptional leadership abilities and proven track record make her a sought-after choice for executive and non-executive roles. As a captivating presenter, Ruth’s compelling communication skills and passion for inspiring audiences set her apart.


Ruth Limkin is a highly regarded executive and accomplished company director, widely recognized for her business and community achievements. As the Westpac Businesswoman of the Year 2023 in the Moreton Bay Business and Innovation Awards and a State finalist in the 2019 and 200 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, Ruth is a trusted leader who consistently drives outstanding results. Ruth leads teams through complex challenges with a calm resolve to find solutions and create possibility in the midst of problems. As a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Ruth is skilled in risk-based thinking and considering long-term strategic horizons.


With a diverse executive and non-executive background spanning industry sectors, including finance, government, private equity business, healthcare, community not-for-profit, and media, Ruth has a wealth of experience. This breadth of experience fuels design thinking that draws from the best of many sectors and provides Ruth with a unique adeptness in navigating complex challenges. Ruth’s innovative thinking, unwavering integrity, and results-oriented approach make her an ideal collaborator in achieving strategic objectives, particularly when fresh thinking is required to drive outcomes, pioneer new solutions or create something from scratch.


Drawing from her proven track record in entrepreneurship and getting things done, Ruth excels in strategic planning, execution, and propelling organizations towards sustainable growth. Her visionary outlook and client-focused approach have set new benchmarks of excellence in the mental health and addiction healthcare landscape. Under her expert guidance, The Banyans Healthcare, a premier mental health and addiction healthcare company, has gained international acclaim. Her confident demeanor, engaging communication style, and trustworthy reputation set her apart as an outstanding contributor in executive and non-executive roles.


The acquisition of The Banyans Healthcare by Genesis Capital, as the founding treatment service of Sana Health Group, demonstrates Ruth’s commitment to elevating clinical standards and best practices across the private treatment landscape within a commercially viable framework. As the Head of Partnerships and Engagement for Sana Health Group, Ruth provides seasoned advice, leadership, and support, working to foster ongoing development within this dynamic group of healthcare treatment providers and engages with governments, corporates and industry partners to promote awareness of well-being, mental health and addiction recovery.


In addition to her executive roles, Ruth actively contributes in Non-Executive roles and leadership positions in the behavioral health, education, and community sectors. She is an effective Chair and Committee Member, and served until recently as a Committee Chair and on the Board of Trustees for a Superannution Fund. Ruth is an Advisory Board Member for RehabPath, Member of the Workforce Reference Group at the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, Flinders University, and Chair of Bible Society Australia. As an Adjunct Professor at Torrens University Australia, Ruth continues her dedication to learning, development, education and training.


As a Master of Ceremonies or Keynote Speaker, Ruth is highly sought after by corporate audiences seeking presentations on leadership, productivity and performance, and health and well-being. Her exceptional communication skills and passion for connecting with audiences shine through her engaging presentations, whether to large audiences or team workshops. Ruth’s ability to distill complex concepts, ignite inspiration, and foster actionable outcomes leaves a lasting impression, empowering individuals to embrace effective self-leadership. Ruth’s confident demeanor, engaging style, and positive reputation make her an exceptional choice for corporate events of all sizes.